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Who is Scott Michaels and why does he write conspiracy thriller stories?
Do you like a good thriller?

Do you love the whole process of following a gripping story into all the ups and downs, the exhaustive battles, and the unexpected discoveries?

Do you enjoy uncovering a meaningful emotional experience that stays with you forever?

Well, I do:

My name is Scott Michaels and …

I love crime suspense thriller stories:

Especially when it’s a conspiracy wrapped up in a thriller full of dark secrets and a powerful villain.

And yet never, in what is a wild imagination, did the idea of becoming a writer enter my thoughts.
It all started in 1984...
It was one of those sunny days when I walked off a Gold Coast building site, sat alone on a deserted beach …
And had a long, hard talk with myself:

Have you ever been at a point where things are at their lowest?

Each day the confusion and uncertainty seems to grow inside you.

You’re just not sure if what you are doing is what you’re supposed to be doing? 

Well, that’s where this builder is at:

It’s a time when what I really want is a complete mystery.

And for some reason the hammer ends up in a tool box and the inner voice starts talking. There on that beach, letting my mind have free rein, thoughts and feelings open up into a new direction.

And there’s only one way to describe it …

It’s exciting:

You see, what suddenly surfaced was …

I’m a storyteller!

Pure and simple … there’s no other way to describe it. And yes, time side-tracked its appearance.

Okay I’ve done …
  • A lot of building
  • Taught physical education to young students
  • Greeted casino guests at a five star hotel...
And the biggest understanding of all is …

The wild imagination I’m always afraid of is, in fact, a gift!

And now, finally, it can come out and we’ll see where it takes us.

So, the right time (the day on the construction site) presented the right circumstances (the deserted beach) that opened a new door and …
Scott Michaels the conspiracy thriller writer was born
What this says to you is … you don’t have to be afraid to back yourself. Sure, it may seem a little strange – maybe even frightening …

But when you release your inner thoughts, prepare yourself for what follows because you won’t be disappointed.

In fact, you may even be surprised at what you discover and where it takes you.

So now this writer, and his wild imagination, has come together to take you into the unknown world of riveting conspiracy thrillers buried inside the world’s most powerful institutions.
The creative genie is out of the bottle … and the stories are rushing onto the computer.

But here’s the really interesting part …

The main character stepped straight out of the first book and into my next two thrillers (In fact, it could be an ongoing series).

And that happened all by itself!

Guess what?

Now it has …

It’s a great feeling!
Join Paul Litic, my main character, as he struggles to uncover truth in a series of conspiracy thrillers that open secret doors.

His first adventure is a thriller called Under the High Ground.
A Washington Post journalist, Paul Litic, must find a terrified witness to stop a murderous conspiracy that leads to the steps of the White House. 
Forgive me for bragging a little but …  

This is a thriller novel this writer is really proud of.

I hope you enjoy it too.

Take care -
Scott Michaels

Conspiracy thrillers that open secret doors
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