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I got my BFP on my 4th fresh IVF cycle 5th transfer as we had also done one failed FET about 3 weeks before my 40th birthday. My DS was born when I was 40 and a half: I was a little over a year post-fibroid removal when we did that round of IVF and I believe it made all the difference for us. Donor Eggs vs Non-Donor Eggs & IVF Success Rates Over 40. While all of the above information is true regarding non-donor eggs, it isn’t true when it comes to donor eggs. Women over 40 who use IVF to become pregnant stand a very good chance of success if they use donor eggs.

Fertility After Age 40 - IVF in the 40s. At age 40 and above women have reduced fertility potential as compared to that seen in younger women. They also have substantially lower success rates with fertility treatments including in vitro fertilization IVF. I turn 40 in just under 5 weeks and am 10.5 weeks pregnant from my second IVF was successful with IVF 1 at 38.5 y.o.. I think your odds are still pretty good until up to 42. After that, egg quantity and quality tend to be a big issue for most. Your numbers look really good for your age, too.

Hello everyone, I've never posted anywhere before so I'm feeling a bit shy and insecure but on the other hand quite desperate and in need of good advice. I conceived naturally and easily at 39 and since I gave birth to my daughter in 2012 I've been trying for number 2 without success. I've had three failed IVF's last one only a few days ago. Page 1 of 185 - Over 40 and pregnant or trying to be - posted in IVF Ages 35: I guess the title says it all - is anyone else out there who is over that dreaded number 40, arghh! and either pregnant or trying to become so? I am not just asking for the sake of it - I'm 43 double arghh! and pregnant for the 2nd time - the first ended in a.

29/04/2011 · Over 40 Single TTC IVF - posted in IVF and Single Parenting: Hi Ladies, I have been reading and searching the intenet for conversations on being single, over 40 and TTC. I haven't found exactly what I am looking for so thought I would try to start a new one. Me: 42 Single Have gone through investigation cycle, everything looks good, lining. I was 44 when I was checking this "BFP over 40" board obsessively. I thought I would definitely write my story to share with others and also give others hope if I became pregnant. My daughter was 9 years old from a previous relationship and my love of life was 32 years old, 12 years younger than me with no child. Last post 24/12/19, 23:28 Newbie to FertilityFrien. Media and Research Requests. If you are a journalist or researcher wanting to post a request, please read the sticky post for details on how you can do so. 27/11/2014 · I am 40. First IVF was a BFP which turned into a blighted ovum and a BFN. Second IVF gave me a BFP and twins. I had less eggs retrieved on my 2nd IVF but apparently better quality than the first go around I took extra supplements provided by my acu such as DHEA, COQ10, Myo-inositol, in additiion to the acu treatments. So this time, again with mini-IVF, we actually got 6 eggs and 5 good quality embryos, giving them two more children, even at age 43, when every other center would automatically turn them down because the results are normally so poor with conventional IVF in women over 40.

IVF helps you get pregnant, but once you are its the same - it doesnt mean you wont miscarry, or the baby wont have any problems and again being over 40 this is more likely. This is harsh, but really Id count your blessings for your DCs, their health, your happy partnership, ttc naturally but Id forget about IVF. Egg donation IVF offers many women over 40 the best chance for pregnancy success. If you're thinking about using an egg donor, you're probably wondering what the process is like, and maybe even what it's like to be pregnant after 40.

“Programs will brag that they are the best, with extraordinarily high rates of pregnancy even in women over 40,” Dr. Sauer said in an interview. “There’s hardly any age that the clinics now turn away.” He cited reports in both the lay and medical literature of even postmenopausal women giving birth through I.V.F. 18/05/2017 · I was 41 and still responded well to stim meds - I think 17 eggs first cycle, 13 embryos, but unfortunately BFN and none made it to freezed. Second cycle 19 eggs, 16 embryos, transferred 2, one healthy boy, 5 embryos frozen. 2 yrs later transferred 2 embryos via FET, 2nd healthy boy. Many people who search for IVF clinics abroad are over 40 and they want to find the best IVF clinic which specialises in this age group. Women who are over 40 are not usually entitled to NHS treatment and have to rely on self-funding.

Als er een indicatie voor IVF bestaat én er is sprake van sterk verminderde zaadkwaliteit, kan IVF met zaaddonatie worden voorgesteld. De donor kan een bekende zijn, maar meestal is er sprake van anoniem donorschap. Ben jij hiermee bezig of heb je ervaring? Praat er dan hier over. 17/07/2010 · I know at least two women who got PG with IVF over 40. One was 43 with1 and close to 45 with 2. The other was 39/40 with 1 and just turned 42 with 2.

Der var ingen befrugtning ved IVF så på Skejby besluttede de at vi skulle have ICSI og der kom 4 top-æg ud af det - de 2 blev lagt op og de 2 i fryseren til evt senere brug. Nu venter vi så tvillinger til sommer:-D SKØNT. Glæd du dig roligt til behandling - der er MASSER af positive resultater også når man er over de 40:- KH Camilla. 31/01/2019 · At our last ultrasound the nurse forum 15 follicles but out of the 13 there was one at 19.5, 1@14, 1@11, 3@10, 2@9 and the rest we like 5 and under.they are suppose to be growing at the same rate.but mine are not so my dr will either stop the IVF cycle, transfer to an IUI or continue with the IVF.I will keep you posted IVF IS. I am new to this forum so hoping this is the right way to post. I will be 40 this summer and have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I have seen the doctor to start the IVF process and found out today that my FSH level is 15.

Page 1 of 5 - Over 40 and TTC with IVF/ICSI25 - posted in Assisted Conception Buddy Groups: New thread time ladies. Here's the link to your old thread. Cheers, ~Mintie~.

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